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How can I contact XTERRA BOARDS?

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Address: 7810 Trade St., Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: (858) 256-7179


Where do I sign up to receive the latest on XTERRA BOARDS sales, specials and new products?

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Why choose XTERRA Boards?

Here are a few reasons:

  • Quality: We make the best inflatable stand up paddleboard on the market. We use the best materials and the best factory.
  • Price: We sell direct to customers. We are the manufacturer, the distributor, and the retailer. By cutting out the middlemen we are able to offer you the highest quality boards at the best price.
  • Guarantee: We provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. Test our board for 30 days and if you are not completely satisfied return it for a full refund of the price you paid for the board package.
  • S.-based: We test our boards here, we live here, we ship the boards to you from here, our showroom is here, and our customer service is here.
  • Pride: We love our boards and we love our brand. We make very few products so that we can be the best at what we do.
  • Warranty: We provide a 1-year limited warranty on all board manufacturing defects, and a 90-day limited warranty on parts and accessories.
  • Care: We care about our community, and always find ways to give back.


What is XTERRA boards designed for?

Cruising: Lakes, rivers, streams, oceans.

Surfing: Waves 4 feet or smaller (best for our 10' boards (4”inch thick), not our 12'6" touring boards).  We've done bigger waves, but don't recommend it.

Exercise: SUPing is a great full body work out; also is a perfect size for yoga.

Fishing: We have strategically developed and placed bungee cords that will hold down your gear.

What should I look for in an inflatable stand up paddleboard (iSUP) package?

BOARD: Length, width and thickness considerations.  All three reflect the volume and stability of the board.  Volume keeps you above the water.  Stability keeps you from tipping over.  For an all-around board, you should be looking for a length of 9'6" to 10'6".  For width, we recommend 29" to 32".  For thickness, we recommend 5" to 6" except for lighter riders (under 175 lbs).  Within this range you'll find the ideal board for the average person so long as the board can be inflated to 15 psi.  We do make high-quality 4" boards from time to time, and these are designed for lighter riders.

PSI: Pounds per square inch, or, more accurately, pound-force per square inch is a unit of pressure that is important for inflatable stand up paddleboards.  A board that is not manufactured to handle at least 15 psi may not be as sturdy and durable as you want.

REINFORCEMENT: A board that is not reinforced will warp (twist) a lot when inflated above the manufactured PSI level.  Further, the reinforcement is another layer of protection from sharp objects.  The top and bottom should be reinforced, and the rails should be taped for extra reinforcement.  A slight twist is acceptable and will not affect your riding on the water.

PUMP: Without air your board isn't going to get inflated.  We have designed a high pressure pump for our customers to use.  It is built to work faster, saving you time to get on to the water faster!

FINS: Three fins is the ideal number of fins for a cruising board.  The two outer fins, closest to the sides, should be smaller and made of flexible rubber or removable.  The center fin is key, and should be about twice as long as the outer fins unless you are SUPing in shallow water.  The center fin should be easily removable without tools regardless of whether the board is inflated or deflated.  Otherwise, you're scrambling for tools and/or having to deflate the board after inflating it because you forgot.  Most touring boards only come with a center fin.

PADDLE: The ideal iSUP paddle should be 2 or 3 pieces that can collapse (or come apart) such that they can fit into your backpack.  Reinforced aluminum is fine, but carbon is better for the shaft.  The blade should be fiberglass or industrial plastic.  The downside to a carbon blade is that it can nick or crack easier.  The blade should be a tear drop shape.  We make a three-piece for the convenience of travel.  Invest in a 1-piece if you're paddling all the time.  If you are going to be paddling frequently consider upgrading to a carbon or lighter 1-piece paddle.



Storage: You can roll up your board and fit it into a backpack (we give you one) or in the back of your car.  It rolls up to about 1 1/2 feet in diameter, and 32" wide.  The boards are ideal for storage in your boat or car, and we've even gone to the beach on our bike with the board on our back.

Transportation: Your board can be thrown into a backpack and then thrown on your back.  Then, you can walk to the water without lugging a huge epoxy board.  You don't need a roof rack.  You don't need to use this carrier (though, we think it's pretty cool if you own a hard board):

Durability: Our boards don't get dings or crack.  If you are SUPing and bump into a boat or another board you easily bounce off.  Unlike some of the competition, we have added a layer of material (double reinforcement) that has been tested by our manufactures to ensure little damage to your board.  

Softer: Kids love playing on the boards, jumping around or from board to board.  We've gotten as many as 10 kids on our board while goofing off on Catalina Island in the harbor and in Mission Bay, San Diego.


Where can I purchase a board in person?

We only sell our boards online. We sell direct to customers. We are the manufacturer, the distributor, and the retailer. By cutting out the middlemen we are able to offer you the highest quality boards at the best price.


Do you do rental and fleet sales?

Yes, we do. However, different conditions apply for RENTAL COMPANIES & FLEET SALES:

  1. Any order of four (4) units or more constitutes a rental or fleet sale.  If you are a rental company or fleet company, any order above one (1) unit constitutes a rental or fleet sale.
  2. All rental or fleet sales must abide by our XTERRA BOARDS FLEET SALES AND RENTAL TERMS which you are responsible for receiving and approving.  Your order of boards from our company constitutes your agreement and approval to the TERMS.
  3. We offer a 14-day return on unused boards only.  All RETURNS must be made within 14-days provided that they have not been used. Once used and rented out they are not returnable.  Companies are encouraged to purchase one (1) board and test it out for themselves.  Please return the board as delivered in a new condition.  The 14-day guarantee begins the day the board is delivered to you.
  4. WARRANTY- There is no warranty on commercial and/or rental use.  For repairs, we have provided you with videos on how to make a repair.  So long as the tear is not from clear abuse and not larger than four inches, we'll send you all the materials needed to make the repair.


Is the board small enough to carry on a plane?

Yes, the entire inflatable SUP package in an XTERRA BOARD Traveler Roller Bag is 35.3 lbs. You can check-in your board when travelling on a plan. It is too big for carry-on luggage. However, for most airlines, it’s weight is well below the maximum amount allowed for check-in luggage. You can travel anywhere in the world with your XTERRA BOARD.


Can I become an XTERRA BOARDS retailer or distributor?

We do not have retailers. We do everything online. However, to become a distributor please email us at


Are lifejackets or inflatable personal floatation devices mandatory?

Assume YES, unless you know otherwise.  State and local governments, or municipal lakes, are starting to post signs that tell you when you need to wear life jackets.  It's becoming very common for kayakers on the ocean, and don't be surprised if your favorite spot tells you it’s the law.

We provide bungee cords on the bow of your board to hold your life jacket or personal floating device.  The laws don't usually require you to wear them, only that you have them on board


How durable is my board?

We have performed numerous tests inorder to test the design and fabrication of the board. We do not encourage these tests as it will retire your warranty.

Tests we have done:

  • Let the board slide off the top of car
  • Driven over a board
  • Left them on lava rocks while our kids washed off and then proceeded to use it as a trampoline. 
  • Used it as a trampoline out in the yard

Do not try these at home, as it will void your warranty. 


Is a 4-inch-thick board adequate?

We sell one 4-inch-thick board, the 10White SUP.

Sometimes - when you weigh 175 pounds or less PLUS have a good pump.

When looking at a 4" board there are a lot of options, and you have to be mindful to buy from a well-established brand who doesn't cut corners and makes their 4" to the same standard as their thicker boards.

VOLUME - The thickness of your board makes all the difference in the world because it determines the amount of air (volume) you can put in your board.  Air rises, so the more air you have in your board the higher it will rise out of the water.

PRESSURE - If you do not have a good pump it becomes very difficult to put in enough air into your board.  The more air you can put into your board - measured by your pressure gauge - the better.


Most 4-inch-thick boards have one of two problems: (1) the material and seams can't handle higher pressure (psi) like 12 to 15 psi; and/or (2) the pump provided is inadequate to reach these psi.  If your board is not inflated enough it will sag in the middle, making for a miserable day on the water.  Or, if you weigh too much it will sag in the middle.

A 5.5" to 6" board, even if pumped to only 10 psi, has enough volume (air) such that it won't sag that much.  This may occur if you have an average pump.  If you have a good pump, you'll be able to inflate your board to about 15 psi which will give you a stable and fully inflated board.


NOTE ABOUT XTERRA's 4" boards - We recognize all the issues we mention above, and therefore only make 4" boards with the highest-quality drop stitch (so you can pump it to 15 psi, the best pump (so you can get to that pressure), and the same high-quality construction as our other boards.  Our 4" boards are a little lighter than our thicker boards, and a little more maneuverable (you can surf on them).



What is our board made of?