Inflation instructions manual here.

What is included in my XTERRA BOARDS Inflatable SUP Package?

  1. Board
  2. Board strap
  3. Removable center fin
  4. Pump, hose and gauge
  5. 3-piece Travel Paddle
  6. Repair kit (includes patches and glue)
  7. Backpack

Please refer to the specific product page for the latest contents of your package.

If all these items are not in your package, or if they are damage, please contact us immediately and accept our apologies ahead of time.

If you cannot insert your hose into your valve this is an easy fix.  There is a pin on the inside of the hose (the part that attaches to the valve).  The pin (or, call it a screw) is too far out.  You will need to screw it further into the hose with a small screw driver. Turn it two complete revolutions clockwise.


How do I choose the right board for me?

It depends, the beauty of SUPing is anyone of any age and skill level can SUP. There are so many boards to choose from,

  • Our 10’ SUP is our most popular board, it is a great all-round board, very stable, perfect cruising, fishing, playing, exploring, you name it.
  • Our 10’, 4-inch thick SUP, is a great lighter option, it has more rocker, and is great for small wave surfing.
  • Our 11’ KAHUNA, is our most stable, great for cruising, and has weight capacity of 330 lbs. It sells out every time we release it.
  • Our 12’6 Touring SUP is great for speed cruising, exploring. It goes faster, and is more stable at high speeds.
  • Our 13’ HAPUNA, is a large cruiser.
  • Our 14’ is our fastest board, great for long distance paddles.
  • Our 18’ MAUNA LOA is our biggest Inflatable SUP at 16’ x 6.5’ x 6”, you could have the whole family on it, it’s that big, and that awesome!



How do I know my board is fully inflated?

  • Make sure the pressure gauge is screwed in tightly to the pump. 
  • Clear any debris from around the valve, even a little sand will let more air escape - hence, the hissing sound. Make sure your valve is nice and tight. Use the wrench to tighten, if you hear air coming out, and there is no debris.
  • The pump is at 15 psi (or about 12 psi if you weigh under 125 pounds)
  • If you do not have your air pressure gauge (and you don't necessarily need one), you will need to pump up your board until it is as hard as a rock.  When the board is fully inflated it will not bend under your weight when you are on the water.  After 200 pumps your board will be hard. After 225 pumps, it will be rock-hard and perfect.  One "pump" is a full stroke up & down; this does not count as two pumps.

How do I deflate my board?

It should take about 3 minutes to properly deflate and roll up your board.

  1. Rinse off your board with fresh water.
  2. Remove the center fin.  We recommend putting it in the mesh bag with your pump, or the front pocket of your board bag.
  3. Rinse off your board, or at least get all the sand off
  4. Dry around the valve
  5. Gently push the valve extender down to let the highest amount of pressure out.  Let little bursts of air escape for about 10 seconds.  Then, push down the valve extender and turn it clockwise.  This is the opposite of what you want when you pump up the board.  Air should now start to escape.
  6. Push down on the nose to start getting air to come out, and to flatten out the tail section.
  7. Start rolling the board from the nose towards the tail, with the top deck on the inside.

If you're storing your board for more than a couple of days, you should let it dry (especially the foam pad) before putting it away.


How do I attach my center fin?

"Slide & Snap" fin, designed to be easy and efficient.

  1. Simply slide the fin into the fin box, the side with the clip first.
  2. Once it is all the way in, slide the clip into the little key whole. This will lock/snap the fin into place.
  3. When removing the fin, repeat these steps in reverse.

Here's a little Snapguide:


Deflating board

We recommend deflating, and rolling up the board and packing it into your XTERRA Backpack and properly storing it in a cool dry place.  If you can't, you can inflate your board to the recommended PSI, and leave the board inflated for as long as you like. Make sure if not in use, it is stored in the shade, and in a cool dry place. As well as away from any potentially harmful objects, to prevent any damage to the board.


What PSI do I inflate my board to

Anywhere between 12-16 PSI. 15 PSI is recommended.