Warranty Policy

All boards purchased new (with the exception of FINAL SALES)  through xterraboards.com are warranted to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. XTERRA BOARDS reserves the right to determine what is and isn’t covered under warranty. Any issue that is user related is not covered under warranty. (i.e. A tear or rupture in the board is not a defect.)

Accessories purchased and/or included with your board purchase through xterraboards.com are warranted to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for 90 Days. Use related issues are not covered under warranty.

If you believe you have a valid warranty please email us at info@xterraboards.com and include your name, order number, and date of purchase.  Upon receipt we will send you a WARRANTY CONSIDERATION FORM.  Customer is responsible for all freight costs to XTERRA BOARDS for returning the board for warranty consideration.

Boards received which are a valid warranty will be repaired.  Please allow ten business days from the date the board is received back to us for warranty consideration and repair.

There is a $45 shipping and handling fee for the return back to you of any board sent back for warranty.

Proper care is highly encouraged as it gives a longer lifespan to your board. 

How to properly care for your board

Our repair warranty does not cover tears that are larger than 4 inches. Learn more about repairs here.  You may purchase a new repair kit here.

Please note, after your warranty period has ended, if you need any major repairs due to damage, we recommend contacting a boat repair store. Please email us if you would like recommendations.


XTERRA BOARDS' limited warranty excludes the following:

  • Boards and accessories that show impact or abuse, damage due to heat or sun exposure, including but not limited to direct sun exposure and leaving in a hot vehicle.
  • Boards and accessories with signs of improper care or handling. For example, using your paddle as a stopper, and it snaps.
  • Incidental damage.
  • Unreasonable use.
  • Driving over the board with a vehicle.  Dragging your board over rocks or lava, on the street or road.
  • Peeling of the deck pad or separation of the deck pad from the board. NOTE - this is a repair that can be made with glue.
  • Peeling of the fin box or separation of the fin box from the board.  NOTE - this is a repair that can be made with glue.
  • If you run over your board and blow the seams out this is not a valid warranty. Your board can probably be repaired, but we reserve the right to give you an estimated cost and have you pay that amount.
  • If you drag your board then it will be damaged and is not covered by the warranty.
  • Sun damage is not covered under warranty, bubbling, discoloration to the deck pad, parts of the board coming loose or falling off due to the glue drying up are all example of sun damage.
  • If you lose your fin, or your paddle
  • If you damage your fin or paddle
  • Improper storage
  • If your board was stolen

How to make a warranty claim

Must be within 12 months of purchase date.

Please email us at info@xterraboards.com with the following information:

  • Reason for claim
  • Order number
  • Date of purchase
  • Serial Number of board (located at the stern of board, by the side seam)
  • City, and state
  • Attached, clear photos of the damaged area of board or accessory

Are second hand boards covered under warranty?

No. Any boards not purchased New directly from xterraboards.com is not covered under warranty.

FINAL SALE, Used or demo boards purchased directly from xterraboards.com or xterraoutlet.com are final sale and come with a 60-day limited manufacturer’s warranty. This includes warehouse sales and expo sales.