What do I do if I have damaged my board?

If you are within your warranty period, and believe the damage is a warranty claim, please visit our warranty page for more information.

After your warranty period has ended, if you need any major repairs due to damage, we highly recommend contacting a boat repair store. We can make suggestions on how to make small repairs only. More complicated repairs will need to go through a certified repair store.

If the damage is small, and you can make the repair, we offer a 5-year warranty on repair kitsin that we'll send you patch kit material for 5-years after the purchase of your board. For the repairs, we've provided you with videos on how to make a repair.  So long as the tear is not from clear abuse and not larger than 4 inches, we'll send you all the materials needed to make the repair.


How do I repair a hole or small tear on my Inflatable SUP?

Check out How to Repair an Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard (iSUP) by Glynn Turquand on Snapguide.


How do I remove and replace the inflatable SUP Valve?

Check out How to Remove & Repair Your Inflatable SUP Valve by Glynn Turquand on Snapguide.


My pump is broken, how can I repair my pump?

Before declaring your pump is completely unusable please check your pump for the following:

  1. Make sure your gauge is tightly screwed in. It can come loose, and although inflates your board, the gauge will not read the air pressure. If, your gauge still does not read the air pressure, we can send you a new gauge.
  1. Unscrew the top of the pump, from the bottom cylinder. The top piece (with the gauge) has a silver piston attached, at the bottom of this piston is an off-white flat cylinder. This cylinder should have a black rubber band around it (the gasket). If this is missing, we can send you a new one. Your pump will work like new again
  1. Make sure the gasket is lubricated. If it is not, you can purchase white lithium grease on amazon.

Please email at if you need any further pump assistance.

Learn more about our High Pressure Pump here

Is there a repair kit with my inflatable SUP? What's included?

Yes. It is the orange cylinder tube that comes with your Inflatable SUP Package.

The repair kit includes:

  • valve wrench
  • small screw for paddle latch
  • 1 tube of glue for minor repairs
  • a couple patches for minor repairs


What is the grey or black plastic wrench in my repair kit for?

The plastic wrench is for your valve. Sometimes the valve can come loose, and air escapes. Simply use the wrench to tighten the valve.


Is it normal to have a big bubble on my board? What about clusters of little bubbles?

Bubbles occur as a result of sun damage, and is not covered under warranty. These are just aesthetically unappealing, and should not affect the performance of your board.