High Pressure Pump

Can I use an electric pump on my board?

If you are looking for an electric pump, the pump we have at the office is the Sevylor 12V 15-PSI SUP and Water Sport Pump.  It's $47 on Amazon.

 What pump do I use for my board?

This double-action pump (with integrated pressure gauge) is designed for W-Style Boards and Valves.

W-Style boards include most of our current boards.

      Our M-Style Boards/valves are:

      • 10' Black Board prior to January 2017
      • 10' White Board (4" thick) (Not Mayhem White)
      • 6' & 7" surfboards

      XTERRA BOARDS' High-pressure pump & gauge - Inflate board to 15 psi using the industry-best high-pressure double-action pump with integrated pressure gauge. Inflation takes 5 minutes for most boards.  Our pump is a dual-action so pumping is fast & easy.

      For the first 100 pumps or so, you will want to have the "pressure plug" in the base of the handle.  This allows for inflation when you lift the handle as well as push it down.

      After about 100 pumps it will become more difficult to pump.  At this point unscrew the "pressure plug" and let it hang to the side.  Inflation now only occurs when you push down on the handle.

      Why is my gauge not working?

      There are three reasons your pressure gauge may not be working:

      1. It's defective - we put this first, because that's probably what you are thinking
      2. You board isn't inflated enough to get a reading - 90% of the time, this is the reason
      3. The needle is stuck at zero - 10% of the time, this is the reason

      So, let's work backwards to see if we can figure out the problem.

      3 - The needle is stuck at zero - All packages are sent with a new pressure gauge.  Like some new things, there are stuck parts that need to pop loose and then they will work fine thereafter.  So, pump up your board with 225 long strokes.  You need to count them and make sure that you go all the way up & down - 1 stroke - while counting.

      2 - Not inflated enough - We say it should take four (4) minutes or less of steady pumping.  Taking many breaks longer than ten seconds doesn't count as your four minutes.  So, instead count your strokes.  You need to do 225.

      1 - Defective - we keep track of all the gauge problems.  Out of every 100 boards we sell, one is a defective gauge.  We'd expect the number to be a bit higher, but that's where it is right now.  So, we're happy to replace the defective gauges and we're sorry this happened to you.


      Please note that there is no way to over-inflate or damage the board with the XTERRA BOARDS pump. It takes 7 PSI of pressure in the board before the gauge on the pump will register. While your board may look and feel rigid, continue to pump until the gauge reaches the recommend pressure of 12-15 PSI. The pump will offer a significant amount of resistance the closer you get to the recommended pressure.

      Also, the gauge on your board can be screwed on and off. Be sure to screw the gauge tight so that it registers the pressure.


      My pump is broken, how can I repair my pump?

      Before declaring your pump is completely unusable please check your pump for the following:

      1. Make sure your gauge is tightly screwed in. It can come loose, and although inflates your board, the gauge will not read the air pressure. If, your gauge still does not read the air pressure, we can send you a new gauge.
      2. Unscrew the top of the pump, from the bottom cylinder. The Top piece (with the gauge) has a silver piston attached, at the bottom of this piston is an off-white flat cylinder. This cylinder should have a black rubber band around it (the gasket). If this is missing, we can send you a new one. Your pump will work like new again.
      1. Make sure the gasket is lubricated. If it is not, you can purchase white lithium grease on amazon.

      Please email at info@xterraboards.com if you need any further pump assistance.