Proper Care


How to ensure my board will have the best lifespan:

1. Don't leave it out in the sun

2. Rinse it off with fresh water after each use

3. Let it dry completely before putting it away.  
This especially means letting the foam deck pad dry

4. Store in a dry, cool place.  In other words, don't let it bake in your hot car

5. Do not drag it, drop it, smash into things at high speed with it.


How do I best take care of my board?

Whilst our inflatable SUP Boards are extremely durable, they do require a little TLC (tender loving care). With proper care, and maintenance, your XTERRA BOARD can keep up with you for years! If you want your board to last, and live through some crazy adventures then here are some do’s and don’ts


  • Keep your board out of the sun when not in use, drape a towel over it or put under shade.
  • Store your board correctly, it’ll last longer. Deflate it, roll it up, put it in your XTERRA backpack, and voila!
  • Make sure the storage area is cool and dry, and definitely isn’t in direct sunlight. Sun, rain and wind will take a toll on your board.
  • Clean your board, water, dish soap and a soft brush will get the job done.
  • Always, always, always rinse your board and paddle after use.
  • Take removable fin’s off every time after use.
  • Break down you paddle after use. Separate all 3 pieces, rinse and dry.



  • Let it drag over gravel, rocks, debris or even sand when carrying your board in and out of the water.
  • Stack anything on top of your board, even seemingly light items. Boards can get pressure dings. Dings cause an uneven surface, which results in a slower, bumpier ride.
  • Drop Your Board, a serious drop can lead to a crack. If there’s a crack, water leaking inside isn’t too far off.
  • Tie your board down too tight, when it comes to strapping your board on top of your car. This can cause bulges and lead to popping.
  • Store Your Board Outside, weathering doesn’t help, but a stolen board is not covered under warranty. Keep it in a secure, locked place while it’s not in use. If you must store it outside, locking cables with steel cores do the job.
  • Let your board get too dirty, if not cleaned after every use, debris can corrode the board.
  • Get on the board if the fin is not in sufficiently deep water. This can damage the fin, and although is replaceable, damage to the fin box is not repairable.
  • Take your paddle apart in the water.


Will the sun damage my board?

YES. This is true for all boards, both epoxy/hard, soft-tops and inflatables. The sun will damage mostly anything left in the sun for prolonged periods of time.  

If you've inflated your board and it's just sitting out on the sand or grass, drape a towel over it. Or, put it under some shade.

Here are some side effects if left out in the sun other than when you are boarding:

  • the sun will fade your deck pad,
  • cause the rails to bubble at the seams (while we have not seen this on our boards, it can happen),
  • cause the glue on the deck pad to melt, and the logo on the bow can bubble (we've seen this happen). 

Where should I store my board?

Ideally, store your board clean, dry and free of any debris; somewhere secure to prevent theft, and in a cool, shaded, dry place.

Many people choose to inflate and deflate their boards each time they go out.  That's the beauty of the boards - they inflate and deflate quickly, and they store nicely in our car or garage.    

Please note that if you are inflating and deflating the board a lot the deck pad edges may need a little glue (provided in your repair kit).

Some people deflate their board slightly, folding it in thirds and storing on a shelf in their garage.


Can I keep my board inflated when storing?

Yes. Although we recommend deflating, and rolling up the board and packing it into your XTERRA Backpack, you can inflate your board to the recommended PSI, and leave the board inflated for as long as you like.

Make sure if not in use, it is stored in the shade, and in a cool dry place. As well as away from any potentially harmful objects, to prevent any damage to the board.


How best to store my board over the winter?

In the winter months, if you use your board, before inflating, make sure to bring your board indoors, and give it time to warm up to the rooms temperature BEFORE inflating. This will prevent the board from cracking. The cold weather can harden the board.