How do I choose the right board size for me?

It depends, the beauty of SUPing is anyone of any age and skill level can SUP. There are so many boards to choose from, so here’s a size chart to break it down for you:


How much can I weigh?

Depending on the size of the board, we've tested our smallest board to a single person weighing 250 lbs and our 14’ board can carry up to 325 lbs.  The board must be pumped to 15 psi (our recommended pressure).

How much does my board weigh?

Your board weighs about 28 pounds.  There are boards that weigh less, but they very likely are not reinforced on both sides. 

A board that is not reinforced will warp (twist) a lot when inflated above the manufactured PSI level.  Further, the reinforcement is another layer of protection from sharp objects.  The top and bottom should be reinforced, and the rails should be taped for extra reinforcement.  A slight twist is acceptable and will not affect your riding on the water.

 The typical epoxy SUP board weighs 28 to 45 pounds.

If travelling, with our XTERRA BOARD Traveler Roller Bag, the whole package weighs approximately 38 pounds, well under the check-in baggage allowance.