Double Action Pump for W-Style Boards

This double-action pump (with integrated pressure gauge) is designed for W-Style Boards and Valves.

W-Style boards include:

  1. 10' red & white
  2. 10' red mayhem
  3. 10' white mayhem
  4. 10' blue mayhem
  5. 10' lime
  6. 11' KAHUNA & White Cloud & Ranger
  7. 12'6" red, carbon
  8. 12'6" white mayhem
  9. 12'6" blue mayhem
  10. 13' Hapuna

    XTERRA BOARDS' High-pressure pump & gauge - Inflate board to 15 psi using the industry-best high-pressure double-action pump with integrated pressure gauge. Inflation takes 5 minutes for most boards.  Our pump is a dual-action so pumping is fast & easy.

    For the first 100 pumps or so, you will want to have the "pressure plug" in the base of the handle.  This allows for inflation when you lift the handle as well as push it down.

    After about 100 pumps it will become more difficult to pump.  At this point unscrew the "pressure plug" and let it hang to the side.  Inflation now only occurs when you push down on the handle.

    Again, this pump is for W-Style boards (see above).  If you have an M-Style boards see our other pump. Our M-Style Boards/valves are:

    • 10' Black Board
    • 10' White Board (4" thick) (Not Mayhem White)
    • 10' Pink Board (4" thick) (Not Mayhem Pink)
    • 6' & 7" surfboards