Details of Package


Designed and tested in California and Hawaii, this is the most durable, best and complete paddleboard package you can buy.  Now is the time to start your adventures with the ease of an inflatable SUP brought to you by XTERRA BOARDS.

Every quality package comes with the following:

  1. 10', inflatable board, that is 5.5" thick - thicker = buoyant
  2. Extremely rigid dropstitch design - so it won't bend and warp like others
  3. Commercial Grade, double-sided reinforcement - ultimate durability
  4. EVA soft deck pad - for riding comfort and grip
  5. BRAVO pump - the best high-pressure pump available
  6. BRAVO pressure gauge - to ensure you get the correct amount of air
  7. Mesh carrying case for pump & gauge - so they don't get lost
  8. 3-piece collapsible tear drop shaped paddle - for ease of travel
  9. Heavy-duty mesh backpack with pockets - designed to let water and sand drain
  10. Repair kit - plus 5 years of free patches
  11. Six D-rings made from industrial plastic - won't rust
  12. Bungy cord (attached to 4 of the D-rings) - for securing small cargo or life vest
  13. Removal Center fin - specially designed so it doesn't snap off, plus it can be removed when the board is inflated
  14. Two smaller rubber side fins - assists with tracking in small surf and shallow river SUPing

The XTERRA iSUP travel package was designed with convenience, durability, comfort and functionality in mind.  This board is reinforced on both sides which, combined with the extremely rigid drop stitch design, makes this board the ideal board for oceans, lakes and rivers.

Each item in your package is a step above the competition.  There are a lot of stand up paddleboard companies selling "packages" that simply lack the overall quality and durability.  They will sacrifice on a few key items in order to drop the price.  Here are a few examples and items that you need to pay attention to and understand why XTERRA BOARDS makes the best complete package.

THICKNESS - our board is 5.5 inches thick.  Boards that are 4 inches thick are too flimsy for anyone weighing above 120 pounds. And, when you go up to 6 inches you're riding a tug boat.  The ideal thickness is 5" to 5.5" for an inflatable SUP.  This thickness allows you to pump up enough air - the volume of the overall board - to ride well.  Our boards are ideal for persons up to 250 lbs.

REINFORCEMENT - we reinforce the top and bottom of your board with commercial-grade material.  Many companies will only reinforce one side, or sometimes neither. They won't make mention of reinforcement because "ignorance is bliss" .... until your board warps or pops.

HIGH-PRESSURE PUMP (and pressure gauge) - your board can and should be pumped up to 15 psi.  Some companies won't tell you how much to inflate their board because their boards can only handle 10 psi, OR their pump simply cannot get in enough pressure.  BRAVO Company makes the industry-standard of pumps.  The handles won't break and the pressure gauge will read correctly.  Your pump & gauge come in their own mesh carrying case.

SPRING VALVE - like a good pump, you also need and get a high-pressure spring valve.  That way your air flows in fully and and your board stays inflated.  Also, your valve is located on the nose, where it should be; otherwise it's tough to deflate and put away.

DECK PAD - although your board is inflated, if you don't have a good pad your feet will begin to get sore.  Yes, SUPing is a workout, and having a little better pad is ideal.  We've used surfing-quality EVA foam.

BACKPACK - some companies won't give you one.  Others will give you a cheap one.  Instead, we include a heavy-duty mesh backpack which is great for carrying all your gear and one that will drain out any sand and water (e.g. lighter and less likely to get moldy).

REPAIR KIT - our kit is pretty standard.  What we provide that others do not is a 5-year guarantee that we'll provide you extra material should you get a tear or lose your original kit.

PADDLE -  Our paddle is 3-piece sturdy aluminum.  It's designed for ease of transport, is light, and is a tear drop shape for immediate power in the catch of the stroke.  If you are going to be out on the water frequently or are over 6' tall (and paddle a lot), you should consider upgrading.

EVERYTHING you need to get out and paddle anywhere on the Earth.  Unpack, Inflate, Enjoy!