White Water SUPing - 10 Commandments of River SUPing

White Water SUPing - 10 Commandments of River SUPing

April 17, 2013

If you are new to SUPing and thinking about getting out on the water, consider spending 10 minutes Googling "Charlie MacArthur whitewater"  or "Charlie MacArthur SUP" to get an introduction to who many consider the Ambassador of White Water SUPing.  Read a few articles or watch a YOUTUBE video on Charlie.

Charlie is the founder of the Aspen Kayak and SUP Academy, and basically pioneered stand up paddleboarding (SUP) on rivers and spearheads the Whitewater SUP Championships.

Here are Charlie's 10 Commandments of SUPing that we pulled from The Art of Stand Up Paddling (by Ben Marcus) - a great primer and complete guide to SUP on lakes, rivers, and oceans.  Consider buying this book for your collection or for a friend you want to start SUPing with you.

1 - Thou shalt rejoice in the paddle stroke felt through they whole upright body.

2 - Thou shalt practice the etiquette of river, ocean, and lake paddling.

3 - Thou shalt not disparage riders of other craft.

4 - Thou shalt learn to surf before paddling a SUP into a lineup.

5 - Thou shalt take a swift water rescue course before paddling whitewater rivers.

6 - Thou shalt not strike the rails of thine board with thine paddle blade.

7 - Thou shalt attach a board leash to they quick release belt on thy jacket and never thine ankle while running a river.

8 - Thou shalt not catch every wave just because thou can.

9 - Thou shalt attach thy boards properly and securely to thy vehicle.

10 - Thou shalt explore many stance, stroke, and board variations in different waters for the growth of they soul.

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