8' Watermelon Inflatable SUP Package

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Our 8' Watermelon Inflatable SUP Package

  • designed for kids
  • super portable, light & versatile
  • great quality & customer service

FIRST EDITION 8' Watermelon Inflatable SUP Package INCLUDES:

1. 8' long, 4" thick, 30" wide inflatable board with handle

2. Rigid Dropstitch & Double-Sided reinforcement - ultra-light, extra-stiff

3. High-pressure double-action pump & and integrated pressure gauge

4. Colorful and comfortable deck pad with integrated center handle

5. Backpack which holds board and accessories

6. Repair kit

7. Three-piece kids paddle (blue)

8. Removable center fins - 1 large, 1 small - swap them out

9. Twin rubber outer fins

10. 6 D-rings and bungee cords for holding items

11. GoPro mount (camera not included)

12. Coiled Leash (please use your leash)

13. Branded strap

Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee & 1-year warranty from the day you receive it.  So, you can test it out on the water to make sure you'll love it, which we're sure you will.

Weight Limit - We recommend that riders be 155 pounds or less.

Weight of Board - 25 pounds

Ideal for beginner & intermediate paddlers.