Polka Dot Green 12'6" Touring Board - LIMITED EDITION (Canada)


1 - 12'6" long, 6" thick, 30" wide

2 - Rigid Dropstitch & Double-Sided reinforcement

3 - High-pressure double-action pump & integrated pressure gauge

4 - Deck pad

5 - Backpack

6 - Repair kit

7 - Travel Paddle

8 - Six D-rings

9 - Bungee cord gear straps

10 - Large Center Fin

11 - Coiled Leash 

12 - GoPro Camera Mount

Weight Capacity: 250lbs

Our XTERRA touring board cuts a different path in the water.  At 12'6", this board is ideal for longer, smoother and faster rides.  The pointed nose displaces water in a way that creates greater stability at speeds than a rounded, surf-shaped board.

Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee & 1-year warranty from the day you receive it.  So, you can test it out on the water to make sure you'll love it, which we're sure you will.

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Here is what the package includes:

1 - 12'6" long, 6" thick, 30" wide - Ideal dimensions for an all-around touring SUP that is stable, won't sag, and lets you cruise on the water. At 6" thick, you ride balanced and high on the water. This board weighs a total of 30 pounds, and you can weigh up to 260 pounds.

2 - Rigid Dropstitch & Double-Sided reinforcement - Our rigid dropstitch material ensures your board won't warp. The top, bottom and sides are reinforced with military industrial-grade material.

3 - High-pressure double-action pump & integrated pressure gauge - your board can be pumped up to 15 psi (an optimal amount) using the industry-best pump.  Inflation takes 5 minutes.

4 - Deck pad - Think comfort.  Yes, SUPing is a workout, and having a little better pad is ideal.  We've used surfing-quality EVA foam, which provides more comfort and grip.

5 - Backpack - Heavy-duty mesh backpack, great for carrying all your gear. Drain out any sand and water easily. 

6 - Repair kit - Our kit is standard, including glue, patches and a valve wrench.

7 - Paddle -  Our paddle is 3-piece sturdy aluminum.  It's designed for ease of transport, is light, and is a tear-drop shape for immediate power in the catch.

8 - Six D-rings- We provide six industrial strength plastic D-rings that won't break or rust.  You'll find one on the bow/front and one on the rear/stern for towing or tying off to docks.  Then, there are four with a bungee cord to hold gear or your life jacket.

9 - Large Center Fin - Removable center fin, specifically designed so it doesn't snap off; can be removed when the board is inflated.   

10 - Camera Mount - We've included a camera mount on the bow of your board. (GoPro not included)

EVERYTHING you need to get out and paddle anywhere on the Earth.  Remember, you've got a 60-day money-back guarantee.  Unpack, inflate, enjoy.

Thanks for making this our #1 touring package of 2016, and the most complete inflatable touring board package on the market.

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