10' Premium Red Inflatable SUP Package Final Sale


1. 10' long, 6" thick, 30" wide Inflatable Board

2. Rigid Drop-stitch & Double-Sided reinforcement

3. Comfortable Deck pad and handle

4. Bungee Deck Rigging, with 4 d-rings including bungee cords on the bow to hold gear

5. D-rings for tying off board on bow and stern

6. High-pressure pump & integrated pressure gauge

7. Three-piece travel Paddle

8. Removable Center Fin

9. Twin outer fins

10. Repair kit

11. Heavy Duty Mesh Bag Backpack

12. GoPro mount

13. 10' Coiled Leash

Board weight: 22 lbs

Weight Capacity: 250 lbs

The 10' Red board is a little heavier and more durable than the 10' White Cloud because of the double-layer construction on the top and bottom, and double-layer on the side.

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Designed with convenience, durability, and functionality in mind; each item in your SUP package is a step above the competition and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Here's what the package includes:

1. 10' long, 6" thick, 30" wide; 29 lbs - These dimensions are ideal for an all-around SUP board that is stable, won't sag, and will let you cruise on the water. With 6" thickness, you will ride balanced and high on the water. (weight capacity: 250 pounds).

2. The most technologically advanced rigid drop stitch & double-sided reinforcement - We use an extremely rigid high-density drop stitch material so your board won't warp. The top, bottom, and sides of your board are reinforced with military/industrial-grade material.

3. Deck pad - Built for comfort. SUPing is a workout, and having a better pad is ideal. We've used surfing-quality EVA foam, which provides more comfort and grip.

4. Bungee Deck Rigging & Four D-rings - We provide four industrial strength plastic D-rings that won't break or rust. They are connected with bungee cords to secure gear or your life jacket.

5. Two D-rings - one on the bow/front and one on the rear/stern for tying off to docks.

6. High-pressure pump & integrated pressure gauge - your board can be pumped up to 16 psi (an optimal amount) using an industry-best, high-pressure, double-action pump with an integrated pressure gauge. Inflation time: 5 minutes

7. Travel Paddle - 3-piece sturdy aluminum. This lightweight paddle is designed for ease of transport. The tear-drop shape enables immediate power in the catch.

8. Large Removable Center Fin - Fin is designed to release under impact to reduce damage to the board. Center fin can be removed when the board is inflated.

9. Twin outer fins - There are two permanent rubber fins on either side of the center fin. They are flexible so that you can roll over rocks in low water, and permanent so that if you lose your center fin you can still ride, or when in low water you can remove your center fin and still cruise

10. Repair kit - Our kit is standard, including glue, patches and a valve wrench.

11. Backpack - Heavy-duty mesh backpack, including front storage pouch for accessories. Drain out any sand and water easily. It’s great for carrying all your gear.

12. GoPro mount - Attachment located on the bow of the paddleboard. Angle your camera at you or at the front of your board.

13. Coiled Leash - Included is a 10' coiled leash. SUP Safely.