Sunday, November 27th, is here.  And, it's your only day for these amazing Cyber-Weekend sales.  Use code SUNDAY during checkout.

Stay warm this winter with our LAVA BOOTIES and LAVA FLOW PANTS.

Lava Booties are regularly $25,

  • Today they are $12.50

Lava Flow Pants are regularly $150,

  • Today they are $65

Finally, our Cyber Monday sales page is now live:

LAVA BOOTIES - “Cold feet” is nothing more than a figure of speech when you own a pair of LAVA Booties. Made of 2mm 4-way stretch neoprene, these booties are form fitting and insulating for cold water paddle boarding, swims, kayaking, surfing or boating.  For cold open-water swims, consider sizing down so they are super tight.

LAVA FLOW SUP Pants are designed with functionality in mind. Constructed of 2mm neoprene, the pants help keep the paddler dry and warm on the SUP. Surf-quality neoprene stretches for a comfortable fit and dries quickly in the sun. Reinforced knee pads ensure durability for paddling on your knees as well as getting on and off the board. High-cut waist and drawstring ensure a proper fit. Rear zipper key pocket keeps small valuables safe while you focus on paddling.