EXPLORE the Water

With 71% of the Earth covered by water, it's time to explore with three of our favorite boards.  Use the code EXPLORE during checkout for these great deals.

11' Kahuna - reg. $1,300 - EXPLORE PRICE: $619

  • At 36" wide, the Kahuna is our widest and therefore most stable board.  If there's a lot of chop on the water over long distances, of if you want to cruise with two of you on the board, this is it.  This is also a fantastic board you you're carrying 250 pounds or more.

10' White Mayhem - reg. $1,200 - EXPLORE PRICE: $559

  • The Mayhem is 30" wide, designed to go a little faster than the Kahuna.  It's our most popular length and width.  This board is ideal for people under 250 lbs.

Both boards come with a 30-day trial period from the time you receive the board.  We'll find the perfect paddleboard for you to explore the oceans, lakes, rivers and streams of the world.